A connection to nature...

In the heart of LA! Visit the Gateway to Nature in historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles to learn about how nature intertwines into our daily lives and how to take advantage of all the parks, mountains, forests and public lands the LA has to offer!

The Gateway to Nature exists to

Connect People to Nature:

By focusing on underserved neighborhoods and diverse communities in the great Los Angeles area through addressing barriers to access, including financial, language, cultural and logistical.

Promote Lifelong Enjoyment:

By creating an environment both inside the Gateway and in the LA region that inspires, educates and equips people to enjoy parks and public lands, emphasizing gradual development of interest and skills to create lifelong access.

Simplify Public Lands:

By offering a seamless and transparent connection to all parks and public lands, from local city and county parks, to California State Parks, to nature centers and preserves, to National Forests and National Parks and Monuments.

A Unique Partnership:

El Pueblo de Los Angeles

National Park Service

US Forest Service

What's on at the Gateway (February 2019):

FIRST STEWARDS: Learn about how African American soldiers became both the first National Park rangers and the first Forest Service smokejumpers.
LIFE AFTER DEATH: Learn about the impact of wildfires on nature around Los Angeles and about the impact of fire on the land after it passes. (Courtesy of USFS & LA Urban Center)
UP CLOSE WITH EL PUEBLO: Explore El Pueblo de Los Angeles and the historic trees planted here in this 1960s era architectural model. (Courtesy of El Pueblo de Los Angeles)
NATURE IN VIRTUAL REALITY: Watch 360 degree videos that bring Channel Islands National Park and the Angeles National Forest to life while in the heart of downtown LA.
PLAN YOUR JOURNEY: Use the collection of books and maps at the Gateway to discover the best of nature in the LA area and plan your trip to get out and enjoy.
CELEBRATE NATURE CRAFTS: Learn about nature around LA with coloring pages and watercolor crafts.

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